Who We Are in Christ

Revised & Enlarged

The Who We Are In Christ Book points the believer to the liberating truths surrounding what our Father has done for us through the Finished Work of Christ. Who and what we are is now perfectly acceptable to our Father. Righteousness is His gift to us.  We are His workmanship, recreated in Christ. We have entered into the Reality of our Eternal Identity in Christ. But do we know it deeply enough so it changes the way we walk and live?

This book gives us the tools to make these Realities workable in our lives.

What others have said about Who We Are In Christ:
I love this book!!! Joe McIntyre's book Who We Are in Christ is a much needed, long overdue look at what happens to a person when they are really born again.  Ignorance is killing us in this area; and weak faith has become the norm.  This teaching will bring us back to a true foundation where great faith can be built. I highly recommend this book!
Bill Johnson
Bethel Church
Redding, CA
You do not live for Christ; you live from Christ.  Joe McIntyre has done a masterful job helping believers realize the power of their identity in Christ.  The Father God wants His children to look at what is theirs through Christ's atoning work.  There has been an identity theft in the body of Christ that this book exposes and helps to restore!  To His children, God never gives less than Himself.
Leif Hetland
Global Mission Awareness
Florence, AL
Joe McIntyre writes with significant power and depth. Don't let the brevity of this book fool you. It is full of life-changing truths. The diligent reader will find the reality and high calling of our life in Christ described in fresh detail. The simple style is not designed to "dumb down" the message but to communicate that our Kingdom inheritance is available to all! You cannot give this a serious read without being challenged to step into the richness of our life in Jesus more deeply. 
The Rev'd. Dr. John Roddam
 Rector of St. Luke's
 Seattle, WA
In a way that is both scholarly and practical, Joe McIntyre deals with the "two natures dilemma" that plagues believers with so much inner conflict.  Joe clearly brings out the truth of our God-given singular new nature in Christ.  We are then thereby enabled to function in focused faith and communion with Him who has endowed us with newness and victory.  We are thus able to displace and dispel old mindsets within us with which the deceiver has tried to define us.

Dick Williams
Prophetic Psalmist
 Eagle, Idaho
Joe McIntyre's new book, Who We Are in Christ, is a helpful book for our troubled times. He helps us to refocus upon the truth of the word of God concerning our position in Christ. He helps us go "back to the future" of where God wants to take His Church by drawing insights from some of the great evangelical leaders of the late 1800's. Men like A.J. Gordon, pastor of Claarendon St. Baptist Church of Boston and founder of Gordon college, later Gordon-Conwell seminary, and author of the classic In Christ; men like George Peck, author of Enthroned Life or the Highest Christian Life, and A. T. Pierson, author of Shall We Continue To Sin? Joe just doesn't bring us the choice insights of some of the best anointed teachers of the late 1800's but also from the best of the 1900's like E. Stanley Jones' In Christ, as well as some of today's most anointed teachers and writers like Bill Johnson. I thank God for Joe's efforts to bring the wisdom of the great teachers both now and in the past to my fingertips. He focuses the Christian on what the word of God says he/she is rather than what he/she may feel he/she is.
This small book doesn't have a small message. Do not be fooled by the size of the book, Joe has packed it with insight from God's word. I found the book insightful, helpful, encouraging, inspiring, informative, and uplifting. I really appreciated the Appendix 3 Confess Who You Are, where Joe has done the work of putting together all the verses of the Bible dealing with the subject of who we are in Christ.                                                     
I have had Joe teach often as one of the adjunct teachers at my Schools of Healing and Impartation, often along with Bill Johnson or Leif Hetland. Though we have spent most of our lives in different streams or movements, I have found Joe's teaching to be inspiring, delivered in a spirit of humility and grace. There have been times when the atmosphere seemed to become pregnant with the glory of realizing just how loved we are in Christ. He doesn't write as an armchair theologian, but as one who lives the truths he communicates and experiences the hope and faith that comes from understanding the truth of what God has accomplished on our behalf and who He has made us "in Christ."
I encourage you to treat yourself to a "faith-lift" by studying Who We Are in Christ. You will be surprised how many insights you will gain in a short read.
Randy Clark
Global Awakening
Mechanicsburg, PA

I can't even describe with words how truly thankful I am to you for writing it. I needed something to anchor me in my identity through the word of God. I asked Holy Spirit as to who I could trust to give me the information I desperately needed...and He said, your name...so, I have read three of your books and all have been equally as powerful and life transforming as I choose to meditate in the truth of the scripture and what it means for me. I'm blessed!!!!

Jennifer Lorentzen

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