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Joe McIntyre's Throne Life book is about the Believer’s participation in the throne of Christ and His authority. Jesus now has all authority in heaven and earth. The amazing thing about this fact is that He willingly shared this dominion with us. Part of our inheritance in Christ is to partner with Him in His rulership in the earth. Each of us has a sphere of responsibility in life over which we are instructed to Reign (Rom. 5:17).

As we grow up in Christ our revelation of Him increases and our faith grows accordingly. As our faith grows we exercise increasing dominion. This book is about how we enter in and possess the Land of Throne Life.


"In Throne Life, Joe McIntyre has breathed fresh life into the forgotten, but vital classic faith teaching of life in the heavenly places with Christ on the throne of God. His clear, simple illumination of the Apostle Paul’s divine revelation of the highest Christian life and our throne authority and rights will be of great value to every believer. I have personally found the book encouraging and challenging." -Dr. Paul L. King, Associate Professor, Oral Roberts University

"Buy Throne Life and read it for a great breakthrough in your spiritual life and understanding." - Randy Clark

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