Kingdom Warriors Book

Kingdom Warriors Book by Joe McIntyre

Kingdom Warriors is an unveiling of the armor that the Lord has given us to win in the battles of life. In this revised and expanded version the items of our armor are examined and practical instructions are given for appropriating the individual pieces. Since they are all in the spirit realm they must be appropriated by faith. Having put on this armor, we then can stand, fight and win— whatever battles we face. As the Conybeare translation of Ephesians 6:14 puts it, “having overthrown them all, we stand unshaken.”

Our Father wants us to overcome and encourage others with the testimony of our victory. This book will show you how.

“I love the materials that come from Joe McIntyre. His heart
to strengthen and equip the Church for the normal Christian
life of victor is evident on every page. In Kingdom Warriors
Joe once again gives profound insights that equip the saints
to give a wonderful display of an authentic gospel.
study this book!”

Bill Johnson
Senior Pastor of Bethel Church
Redding, California

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