EW Kenyon and His Message of Faith, The True Story

Recently some books were released that viciously attacked E.W.Kenyon and the Faith movement, suggesting that Kenyon mixed metaphysics - specifically Christian Science and New Thought ideas - with Christianity resulting in heresy. Is there any truth to these criticisms?  After many years of research and personal study, author Joe McIntyre believes otherwise.

Read for yourself the teachings of this great man of faith and how his personal relationship with God has impacted generations.

A Word From Joe McIntyre About His Book

What Others Have Said About E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith.
There are no end of books that will either tout the extremes of the Faith Movement almost to the point of silliness or attack it as "another gospel." Joe McIntyre has done the whole church of Jesus Christ a great service by writing E.W. Kenyon: The True Story. Joe traces the roots of the faith movement to the Bible-based Evangelical movement, not to the Pentecostal movement from Azusa street as many would suppose. Joe's scholarly but readable book will help curb the extra-biblical excesses while helping the "conservative church" avoid the problem of throwing out the baby with the bath water. I was enlightened, challenged, and found my faith being built as I read this book. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wishes to explore the idea that the power of God outlasted the close of the 1st century.
Dr. Ed Cook
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Seattle
Seattle, Washington
My friend, Joe McIntyre, in this powerful and persuasive book describes the facts about the life and teaching of E.W. Kenyon. His research and personal study will breathe new life into your faith. If you're a skeptic or a seeker, be prepared to be challenged and encouraged as Joe takes you on a fascinating search for the true man and the true story behind the man.
Few books I have read in recent years articulate the true nature of faith with the kind of revelation wisdom that Joe McIntyre offers as an investigative practitioner not just an observer. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be challenged to another level of radical faith.
Bob Brasset
Extreme Healing Ministries
Vancouver, BC Canada
I found it [the Kenyon book] extremely helpful. I am one of those who was a great admirer of Dr. Kenyon's books until McConnell's A Different Gospel was released. I have held a negative view for many years because of McConnell's book but when recently I discovered an apologetics had been written on the other side, I wanted to read it. I think Mr. McIntyre does a wonderful job showing Dr. Kenyon's roots and influences and he has convinced me, although Kenyon knew about, and understood occult teachings, he himself was not influenced by them.
Kevin Pearson
I am an Episcopal priest who came upon Mr. Kenyon's books, and was profoundly moved. A while back I came across McConnell's book, and it made me a little leery of Kenyon's ideas. But I have completed reading your wonderful book, and you did a truly amazing job of explaining what McConnell presented too glibly.
I want to thank you for writing that truly outstanding work on Kenyon, and his thought. It truly means a lot to me.
Peter Manzo
I really enjoyed the True Story. I had not anticipated that it would be so well-written and informative. Dr. Kenyon was truly a great man for the Lord and Joe McIntyre did a wonderful job of bringing to readers the real E.W. Kenyon. My thanks to McIntyre and all who cooperated in this wonderful Spirit-inspired labor of love.
Thomas G. Diggs
I have just completed reading "E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: The True Story."
I am impressed with the grasp of the various aspects of the life and theology of Dr. Kenyon presented in this biography, and the way the author has woven his material into a defense and apologetic for this man and his writings.
However, it is much more than a competent apologetic - it is a clear arrow pointing to the heart's desire of both Dr. Kenyon and his biographer - that "as a result of this book, many will evaluate Kenyon's contributions without the cloud of suspicion erected by his detractors, and objectively consider the merits of his message of faith."
… this biography brings an overview of Kenyon into perspective, that ought to be read by every evangelical pastor and minister.
James A. Watt
"E. W. Kenyon - The True Story" is an amazing slice of late 19th C. and early 20th C. church history. The narrative is wonderfully engaging. This book is a great read! In the face of biting, acrimonious criticism of the Faith Message that Kenyon advocated, McIntyre offers a reasoned and grace-filled response. This book communicates an important message that demands a wide readership. Some of the themes are controversial but McIntyre unpacks them with the skill of a surgeon. In so doing, the author provides a clear rationale for the biblical message of Faith - a message that has been largely abandoned by a huge segment of the Church! This book will challenge you!
The Rev.d. Dr. John Roddam
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Seattle, Washington
Mr. McIntyre has done an excellent job of presenting the other side of the story concerning E.W. Kenyon. If you are not colored by bias or prejudiced to the Word of Faith, yet you have read the books by D.R. McConnell and Hank Hanegraaf, then please by all means purchase this book as well. This book will help you to see Word of Faith doctrine and teaching from another perspective.
Although I would not endorse all teaching that comes from Word of Faith (or any other church, movement, or organization for that matter), I would at least examine both sides of the issue and give it a fair assessment. "Do not judge according to APPEARANCE, but judge with righteous judgment." are the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Please examine all evidence before passing judgment on a brother or sister in Christ.
Troy Edwards
Kenyon has received serious criticism and charges of heresy from some of the "brethren" of our time. Yet his heart cry for Jesus is so obvious in all his writings, it seems hard to imagine his critics felt justified in their accusations. Joe McIntyre does fine research here into sources that were (a) available and overlooked by the critics, and (b) not reported because of bias. He also does a remarkable job in outlining Kenyon's beliefs and apologetics by contrasting them with leading figures of his time. This was one of the first books I've found that explains why those in the "faith movement" believe as they do.
An Anonymous Reader
This is the book that has been long awaited by those of us who feel that D.R. McConnell's portrayal of E.W. Kenyon's theology was off base and biased. McConnell's thesis may have earned him his Master's Degree but it did little to explain the true story behind Kenyon and his life.
In this work, Joe McIntyre brings to light interesting and very relevant facts that McConnell et al. did not have access to or refused to consider. This alone proves that McConnell had a bone to pick with the "faith" movement and Kenyon was his scapegoat. If McConnell could show that Kenyon was "cultic" then he could very well assert that many in the modern Faith movement are as well since it is widely known that a majority [of faith teachers] are widely read in Kenyon. But once again truth prevails as the book tells the whole story and corrects McConnell's mistaken thesis. The Bible is proven true once again when it states that a matter seems right until the other side has had it's say.
If you have been biased by McConnell, Hanagraaff or other "pop" apologists who portray Kenyon as a cultist you would do yourself a great service to buy this book and learn the "other" side for a change. I think you will agree that Hanagraaff, McConnell and others have misrepresented Kenyon and what he taught in ways no one would think possible given the facts at hand.

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